Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Break from Oxidative Phosphorylation...

I've been doing 'The Thing'. The annoying thing that almost every blogger does at some point in their blogging career, and, even if they don't do it, even if they don't quite hit 'publish post', they write it out and then decide at the last minute that it's probably for the best you save yourself imagined eye-rolls and sneers and hold down Ctrl-A, delete.

'The Thing' is not unpardonable but it tends to be attempted by little girls in fraying clothing of dubious pricing, midlife-crisising their way through high school.

Introspection and reflection.

Commonly confused with self-gratifying ranting, rambling and bitching, this little state of mind has been abused and used and pounded like a bloated carcass in a Francis Bacon, framed and called 'self-expression' (now synonymous with the once respected term, 'Art'). I'm pretty much about to churn out another grotesque imitation but hopefully with bigger words and less guest appreances of the following: like, OMG, LOL, GTFO and whatever.

So I've been lamenting the sarcastic put-downs and cynicisms that seem to define the proverbial prison society raises you in...and yet unabashedly prefacing my entire derision of it with bucketloads of what David Wallace termed 'hip cynicism...a hatred that winks and nudges you and pretends it's just kidding'. I'm not just kidding, I'm pandering to people who would read this and laugh, jerking up a mocking corner of lips and expelling sardonic plosives. I'm self-deprecating and disguising honest concern and sadness for the state of a society which is beyond caring. And it's disgusting. And you know what, I'm nothing different from the apathetic masses...except today.

I've made an observation. Or, I should say, I've re-written what countless people far cleverer and far more eloquent have discovered before me.
We are contrary, dichotomous, hypocritical and at war with ourselves. Unfortunately we're so mired in our own minds we can barely scratch the surface of how deeply unstructured and incomplete we are as individuals and as a species. So instead we have vague anxieties, inexplicable habits and self-destructive patterns raging against one another, ourselves and what it means to be 'human' (undefined as of yet but seemingly full of negative connotations of the 'you are so messed up but c'mere you little rascal' variety).

One probelm is our obsession with individuality, our carefully cultivated layers of 'me' and our absolute fear of being found out to be nothing more than magpie nests of other people. We don't seem to know how to be original; it has become increasingly difficult to find appreciation and laudation.

Our self-damnation into the ineptitude of ‘humanity’ is but a product of a subconscious hierarchy. When viewed from below, everything and everyone towers like a God. We hate the niche yet burrow ourselves deeper into it, pulled by subconscious doubt and conscious contempt for it – a species with deeper fathoms than oceans drilled daily that they are nothing but a functional unit in their niche, an in-out machine of tangible and intangible resources with one aim in their statistically calculated existence - productivity. And the sad thing is, so many people know this but no one has any idea how to do anything about it.

I have such hatred for this cynicism, where we quash creativity, inspiration and curiosity. We boil and boil young minds until they fritter away or harden to be replaced by an absolute value, a use, a purpose. We order them into line and teach them the only way is forward, up is kinda really hard and down is just dying to meet you.

And that is all so subjective.

Education and the cultivation of minds has become a huge concern which hardly anyone is spending enough time thinking about. So long as we are blindly standardising our children and forcing walls and unwanted barricades into their minds, we risk brain-draining our societies.

However, the discrepancies in education and thought are so great as to make you wonder what, exactly, we prioritise when it comes to raising the future.

I suppose I have no conclusion and this is probably the most depressing post thus far. But really, I've posted enough frivolity - can't have you thinking I'm a total ray of sunshine...

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