Tuesday, 21 February 2012

So I have an essay, dissertation, lab book, interview plan and piano practice to do...


A lot has happened over the last few weeks, this is best summarised with a list:

- Won the Duncan Knight Award for the university (and a few very much appreciated add-ons of a gorgeous ceremony at the Tallow Chandler's Hall and a cheque of £1000)

- Made mental notes to throw out the students doodling manga in the corner of my microbiology tutorials (possibly incorporating weebo curse words into my out-on-ear-throwing)

- Commenced CBT (hrrrm, a little foggy here)

- Received " 'ta but no 'ta"s from Barts and BSMS (I like to think the late rejections means I held up in a few pooling rounds?)

- Grown my HeLa cells ready for the next step in the project (please, please be aseptic!)

- Gotten back to running (my legs disagree, we've reached a moot point in the argument and I'm going again)

- FINALLY got the separate hand-timing and incorporation in Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu which has been disturbing my sleep for many a century

- Did my bit to be human and helped out a few people who needed it (it's amazing how many lonely, suffering, isolated people there are in London. It breaks my heart not to do something, however trivial)

So there, that's my update, time to get on with all the work I've been avoiding...

Interesting note for today (yesterday) - I overheard an oncology nurse on the Jubilee talking about Lewisham hospital and how tough the situation is with under-staffing, so I promptly stuck my nose in - hand thrust forward, introductions which Austen would have approved of all but bayoneting the poor fellow into conversation with yours truly - and asked him questions followed by a cheeky request for a contact e-mail (Austen disapproves) and a threat to message him.

Thou brazen-faced rogue.

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