Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Offer from Leciester and Feeding the Inner Nerd

So now that the pace of university life is picking up for my third and final year of biomed, exams are in a few weeks weeks and I've been awake for three days running, I've sorted out my priorities and started watching Dragonball.

God I miss 90's TV...

Still on a happy since getting a place at East Anglia and now have an offer from Leciester too. Both, mercifully, want a 2:1 -  which means I can afford to completely fail one of my modules and get two 50% grades for the other two this semester and still get the grade. Of course I'm aiming for about 65% in each overall - but I'm choosing to fluff one so I can do reaaaally well on the other two and all that donkey-work for the last two years' worth of firsts won't be wasted :)

So now comes the painful decision-making. Leicester or UEA? I'm looking over the pros and cons of PBL vs Integrated and poring over every tiny detail about both unis. But what it comes down to is that I'm kind of used to a somewhat traditional approach to medicine - but it bothers me that I might not grow as a medic if I choose Leicester's intergrated approach (VERY structured and clear which I'm comfortable with but no real clinical work until about 2 1/2 years in) as oppsed to UEA's extreme PBL-ness and their very, very early clinical practice. I'm just worried that I might miss important basic science, never mind I've already done a degree in it. And I'm worried about a lack of structure and clear objectives.

But then I'm thinking 'what if PBL makes me a better leader, a better communicator and team player?' then again 'what if PBL turns out to be disastrous for me. I mean it all sounded perfectly feasible and I applied for it as a challenge and bcause I usually enjoy research and teaching. But what if I screw it up or it doesn't sit right with me or I get a horrible PBL group like one of the poor first years I spoke to on my visit day?'

Le sigh. I just don't know :(