Sunday, 8 July 2012

Belated Gloating

Thank you to Grumpy who reminded me that I haven't actually danced with the glee of a small, superfluously-bearded dwarf around a bonfire of all my essays and research from the last three years- a rite of passage many graduates practice at least in spirit.

Usually I recoil from gloating like a cat from water (with all the grace of) but DAMN IT MAYBE I DESERVE ONE GLOAT EVERY DECADE!


Technically I don't graduate until November BUT GOOD NEWS, I got a first class *happy dance*.

What amazed me even more was getting a first in applied immunology. That module was mean - I still rock back and forth in corners at the mention of flow cytometry.

Of course I'm going to merrily ignore the fact I failed one of my exams (damn it haematology, why lymphoma and slide preparation? Why? Of all the questions that could have come up...). I'd excuse myself by referring you to an older post about my fainting spells the day before the exam but then I'd have to endure more cackles of loserishness from my friends who read this. Luckily I don't have to retake as the university just decided to discount it, that and I still passed the whole module.

Ok the smug is wearing off and I'm going to be honest now.

I was miffed about my research project big time. I wanted very badly to get very good at it all but I honestly don't think I knew what I was doing most of the time and felt like a special kind of imbecile as I seal-clapped my way through the whole process. I got 66% overall for it which is not really ok considering I was told my supervisor usually gave out 70% and above. Meh.

So clearly research is not for me and I'm being a bad loser about it. Hopefully med will give me a chance to redeem myself because I reaaaaaally do want to do some research.

More specifically research into space medicine. The avenues available for it are practically non-existent in the UK - save for a few masters courses I've been looking into - but Dr. Kevin Fong and a collection of doctors have been advocating for the government to pull their finger out and at least consider participating in the preparation for space exploration.

So far so generally ignored.

Still, not giving up. I think everyone needs a dream that seems utterly unrealistic. To quote corny motivational posters 'Aim for the moon - even if you miss you might have landed before the place where the Earth's and the Moon's gravitational fields cancel and therefore thank your ill-stocked fuel tank for the Earth's pull dragging your whimpering self back down to reality that you may rethink your situation and proceed in a less ass-backwards direction'...or something.

TL;DR - Weeeyyy I got a 1st Class!!

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