Thursday, 13 December 2012

Defeated but certainly not dead

So the fact I haven't posted in centuries eats away at me every time I come back to this page, start an entry and then abort before finishing the first sentence. Its not because there's nothing to say, its because I have had no sodding clue how to get anything out let alone everything.

Tonight is my last night in Leicester for this semester. My entire life for the last three months has been battered into suitcases and thrown into bags with all the vim and vigour of an inmate on death row.

I'm tired and I'm sad. This semester has been exhausting, draining and painful - and that wasn't even the work.

This is going to end up being a very, very, very, very long post so I'm going to preface with a TL;DR for those of us with lives and write the rest in detail over the next few days for those of us who can be bothered/have time/like drama and are already making the popcorn.

- Started medicine at Leicester Medical School. The course is excellent. A lot of stuff from my BSc which I've forgotten embarrassing amounts of
- Went to my graduation in late November at The O2 in London (finally) - got presented with Tallow Chandlers Duncan Knight Scholarship Award officially (woohoo)
- Made horrendous mistakes and learnt that one of the saddest things in life is wanting something and understanding and accepting every reason why you can't have it because the alternative is insanity and possibly belated self-abortion. Also that the demands of culture, faith and family are there for a reason no matter how punishing and unreasonable they seem.
- Been horribly ill for two months: am currently on doxycycline, ventolin, coamoxiclav, paracetamol and sudafed at ridiculous dosages just to sleep/function. Chest X-ray results get back to me next week.
- Having sleep paralysis. Again.
- Buying a house in Leicester for next year
- Revising for my ESA 1 exam in January over Christmas as have not been able to function consistently over term - thanking my lucky stars that its mostly revision from BSc or at least follows a similar format
- Had a star named after me in constellation M93, have chosen to believe its a Blue Giant :)
- Have cried so hard, regularly and long the skin on my face dried out and went red and sore for weeks. Have been grateful for any and all the support I got from everyone.
******************************END OF TL;DR**********************************


  1. Rose!

    So good to hear from you finally, thought you'd disappeared for good!

    Jesus, sounds like we've both had a semester and a half, wow, talk about intense. Belated congrats on graduating, sounds like you ended your biomed career on a very high note indeed :)

    Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, I really hope things in that regard pick up very quickly indeed - medicine and academia are tough enough without health worries too, I can certainly appreciate where you're coming from here.

    Best of luck for the exams in January, I hope you do brilliantly, you certainly deserve it.

    And make sure you update us on how things go in the future :P

    1. Hey there! I was about to say 'hey Grumpy' but I'm not sure what to go with now. Its been a long time, I know. To be honest - and you'll definitely identify - after induction week has felt like being dragged into a whirlpool of insanity. There's just no brain-space to sit and post anything.

      I'll be honest, I'm a little sad Biomed is over. Didn't think I ever would be but I am. And missing London like crazy!

      Thank you and I'm getting better now what with all the medication. I've also been forced into bed with tea and my laptop for company since Sunday so I have no excuse to not get better.

      Really need the luck for January so thank you. Do you have formatives or actual assessments? Whatever it is, all the best for them and the start of semester two. You're very, very brave to be doing GEM - I've seen the timetables for the Leicester grads and feel very incompetent!

      Stay in touch and keep us posted too :)